Fedra.com is the main product of the startup company Fedra PC.

The absolute goal of Fedra.com is to become a global aggregator for online pharmacies and offer to a vast range of users, a unique experience, fast search results and of course the right information regarding Health and Beauty products.

We strongly believe that pharmacies as physical stores maintain, since their first years of operation until today, a completely different approach from a general commercial business towards the prospective buyer / customer.

At the same time, our team and partners, strong advocates of cutting edge technology trends, create new functions to smooth the differences observed between the shopping experience of online pharmacy customers and the purchases made in a brick and mortar store.

Our goal is to highlight this difference during the search for Health and Beauty products, as we firmly believe that it requires a completely different process compared to other stricter commercial activities.

We work hard in order to visualize this differentiation and make it available to the end user.

As we are in the final stage of delivering Fedra.com , we strongly suggest that you stay tuned for the final improvements that will be available very soon.

Fedra.com - Online Pharmacies Aggregator